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Washington Township Parks

Washington Township received a grant from the Pickaway County Parks District (Parks and Trails grant program) for $5,000. This grant enabled Washington Township to erect a rail fence along the roadside of Martha Hitler Park on Bolender-Pontious Road. There are also restraining fences erected at the cliff edges at the back of the park. The fence replaces an old and rotted post and cable wire fence, along the roadside. The fence at the roadside provides a road safety barrier for families visiting the park and a fence at the cliff edges. Providing a safety restraint not there previously. This is the second grant the township has been awarded for the park. The first was for a fence around the parking lot and the paving of the parking area.

We are looking to install a permanent concrete park restroom facility in the summer of 2021. This project is also planned with grant money from the Pickaway County Parks, Park and Trails program. Please come and enjoy the park and shelter house at Martha Hitler Park.

A. W. Marion State Park – Hargus Lake

Owned by ODNR
Contact: (740) 869-3124

Hargus Lake has 145 acres of water with 310 acres of surrounding land. Boat rentals, camping and hiking trails are available.

Download the Park Map

Martha Hitler Park

Owned by Washington Township

Location: 23266 Bolender Pontious Rd
Circleville, OH 43113

This is a 22 acre park on land believed to actually be the site of a pre-historic Indian village.

Download the Park Map